The main objective of the conference is to explore an interdisciplinary topic by gathering scientists who will base their research on art works in order to focus on clothing and provide analysis of its significance in relation to identity. It is intended for the conference to point out to the symbolic significance of clothing which exists alongside its daily acknowledged functional and aesthetic aspects and to produce a catalogue of presented artworks in which elements of clothing can be interpreted as being imbued with identity-based meaning. The question of identity as a potentially symbolic aspect of clothing is in the context of the conference a significant matter due to the general interest it has recently generated in the wider framework of contemporary artistic practices. Nevertheless, identity issues related to clothing characteristic for different historical and art historical periods have still remained significant. The conference therefore aims to establish a link between «then» and «now» and produce new scientific knowledge of this particular subject. As a gathering of experts from various but related scientific fields (art history, sociology of fashion, history of clothing and textiles, cultural theory, philosophy etc) the conference will offer a wide range of answers to current questions and stimulate new constructive discussions. The sociological phenomenon of fashion will be explored through a multi-perceptive approach which could suggest multiple meanings of clothing as an individual act of physical self-presentation.
Art exhibition by contemporary Bosnian and Herzegovinian artists planned for display during the course of the conference will establish a direct dialogue between art and science and thus entice discussions on most delicate topics related to clothing, identity, art and culture. In that way the Department of Textile Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Engineering will serve as a platform for scientific presentations, art projects, multimedia presentations and student workshops which consistently research functional, aesthetic and symbolic meanings of clothes/fashion/textiles. These activities will put the Department of Textile Engineering on the map of European academic institutions that embrace both scientific and artistic approach in encouraging experimentation so as to gain new scientific knowledge in the field of picture theory and to produce new inspiring creations on the basis of contemporary investigations into the issues of clothing and textile production.
The presentations of conference participants will be published in both Bosnian and English, since the entire conference was envisaged as a compelling starting point of new research within the international framework.

One exhibitions which is going to take place during the two-day long conference will present contemporary artists: Maja Bajević, Jusuf Hadžifejzović, Amila Hrustić, Sanela Jahić, Šejla Kamerić, Margareta Kern, Zlatko Kopljar, ALem Korkut, Mirko Marić, Borjana Mrđa, Damir Nikšić, and Silvio Vujičić whose works directly refer to the topic of the conference – identity expressed though clothing. The works also deal with a more general issue of identity seen in a wider range of possible meanings, from geopolitical identity to the age and gender identity. The multimedia format of the exhibition should plausibly suggest strong expressive possibilities of clothing in contemporary art. In that way clothing would thus be given multiple meanings, in addition to its functional, aesthetic and symbolic features, and the human body characterized as a stage for individual fashion statements.
The fact that most of the works by the aforementioned artists have never been displayed in Bosnia and Herzegovina highlights the importance of the exhibitions within the country's artistic context.